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Looking for a convenient and hassle-free way to ensure your flag is always looking its best? Look no further than our annual flag replacement service! Our service offers the convenience of having your flag replaced regularly with fresh, high-quality flags made in the USA.

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Each year, our team will replace your flag with a new, beautifully crafted flag that is made with the highest quality materials and construction standards. Replacing a faded or tattered flag on a regular basis will keep your display looking sharp and prideful.

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In addition to the convenience of having your flag replaced regularly, our service is also affordable. We offer competitive pricing to make it easy for you to keep your flag looking its best. No more overlooking a worn or tattered flag displayed on your flagpole. Simply, our annual flag replacement service is the perfect solution.

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When selecting a flag, there are generally two fabrics that construct the majority of today’s modern ensigns… nylon and polyester. Although stitching and hardware play their own significant roles in the construction of a flag, for this purpose we’ll address the overall material of your flag. Rest assured, whether selecting nylon or polyester, Flagpole Supply offers only fully sewn U.S. flags.

Thickness, weave, and weight of specific fabrics generally determine the type of flag you wish. These three items all contribute to meet your expectations of the flag’s overall performance, as well as determine its price point.

There are many attributes that contribute to the beauty of a flag. It can be the feel to the touch, the flow in a gentle breeze, or the ability to withstand the test-of-time during blustery windswept weather. Value is often determined by the beholder.


Nylon-6,6 is made from two monomers, each of which contain 6 carbon atoms – hence its name (*It’s not rocket science, but more information then you may care to know). It is used in fabrication sheets, bristles for brushes, etc. Nylon-6,6 is waterproof in nature; thus, allows for a wonderful selection in the construction of flag material which is also UV resistant, difficult to tear, inexpensive and flows freely in the most gentle of winds.


Polyester flags are made of tough, woven two-ply polyester fabric with a softer “cotton-like” feel to their texture. Poly flags offer superior overall strength. This fabric is durable and is the best choice for windy, coastal and extreme weather conditions. Polyester flags are often selected for larger profile commercial flags. Due to the material’s construction, polyester flags are generally more expensive vs nylon flags of same size.

No matter of the material chosen, the beauty of a flag and its sewn pieces of dyed and un-dyed fabric, embellished with embroidered stars, is simply majestic. Flagpole Supply sources only United States flags Made in the USA.